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Bulldog Beat

Week One featuring Addie, Tucker and Audrey. 

Week Two featuring Norah, Blaine, and Jacob.

Week Three featuring Garrett, Ava, and Sawyer

Week Four featuring River, Morgan, and Ellie.

Week Five featuring Henry, John, and Kassidy

Week Six featuring Braxton, Lucy, and Lane

Week Seven featuring Walker, Ryker and Ella. 

Week Eight featuring Finley, Walter, and Stefan. 

Week Nine featuring Veronika, Ellie, Cora, and Trinity.

Week Ten featuring Ruger, Ryder, and Spencer. 

Week Eleven featuring Ella, Andres, and Sadie

Week Twelve featuring Keaton, Eli, and Laurynn

Week Thirteen featuring Skyler, AJ, and Zippy

Week Fourteen featuring Valin, Gordon, and Seeley

Week Fifteen featuring Greta, JR, and Hunter

Week Sixteen featuring Aniston, Eli, and Jake

Week Seventeen featuring Chloe, Hadley, and Artem

Week Eighteen featuring Quinten, Drew, and Harper

Week Nineteen featuring Quinn, Ari, and Cash

Week Twenty featuring Makenzie, Carter, and Olivia 

Week Twenty-one featuring Avery, Matthew, and Gunnar

Week Twenty-two featuring Lily, Trev, and Judah

Week Twenty-three featuring Addie, Skylar, and Laine

Week Twenty-four featuring Ava, Jake, and Gimmaka

Week Twenty-five featuring Mrs. Streit, Mrs. Carpenter, and Mr. Buzzell